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One of the two fragments of a meteorite that hit Alabama were found in or near Addison, Alabama, in Winston County. The two fragments, are from what is now provisionally called the Addison meteorite. Meteorites are named after the closest city to where they were found.

The meteorite fragments came from a “boulder-sized meteor” that fell from the sky on Oct. 30. Seen streaking across the sky by people from Arkansas to Florida, the meteor created a rain of fragments when it broke up, according to Doppler radar. This is the first documented meteorite to hit Alabama since 1954.

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Location: Addison, AL, USA
34°20’10″N, 87°12’05″W
Classification: LL Chondrite
Witnessed: Yes
Fell: October 30, 2012 22:38 UTC
TKW: 89.51 gm

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