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Ash Creek

A brilliant fireball and detonations were witnessed by many, and the former was captured on video by a news camera while filming participants running in the Austin marathon that Sunday morning. At first there was speculation by the media that the event was caused by debris entering the atmosphere after the accidental and recent collision of two satellites in orbit around Earth, though most everyone in the meteorite community knew right away this was a meteoric event. As this was a retrograde meteoroid, only very small individuals survived to become meteorites and very little of this material was recovered in the field (specimens below were recovered only days after the fall before they could be touched by rain).

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Location: West, Texas, USA
31°48’18″N 97°00’36″W
Classification: Chondrite, L6
Witnessed: Yes
Fell: February 15, 2009; 11:00am CST
TKW: ~ 10 kg

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