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Battle Mountain

On August 22, 2012, at 11:17 PM, a large, slow-moving fireball was witnessed by residents of California, Nevada, and Idaho. Sonic booms were reported in Winnemucca and Battle Mountain, Nevada.

The American Meteor Society received only 12 reports for this event (#1192), which is not surprising, considering the remote area where the bolide occurred. Dr. Marc Fries quickly found a linear Radar feature that suddenly appeared in the area indicated by eyewitnesses in the three states. In a very fortuitous bit of coincidence, the nearest radar station was in an experimental highest resolution mode, which greatly increased the amount of data available for the event.

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Location: West, Texas, USA
40°40’10.7″N 117°11’17.1″W
Classification: Chondrite, L6
Witnessed: Yes
Fell: August 22, 2012; 11:17pm CST
TKW: ~ 5.25 kg

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