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The story behind the recovery of the Bondoc meteorite is a testament to perseverance. Dr. H. H. Nininger was in Asia seeking tektites when he came across a sample of the Bondoc meteorite, located on the Bondoc Peninsula of Luzon Island. The process of attaining the necessary permissions, locating the specimen, extracting and finally transporting it to Dr. Nininger was a three and a half year ordeal. The total estimated recovery cost was $3750.00 in 1959 — witn inflation, that is a cost of $29,119.07 in 2011. The 1,955 pound specimen was received by Dr. Nininger in August 1962 (Sedona, Arizona, USA).

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Location: Southern Tagalog, Philippines
13°31.0′N, 122°27.0′E
Classification: Mesosiderite-B4
Witnessed: No
Found: 1956
TKW: 888.6 kg

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