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Dohfar 1428

Dhofar 1428, a Lunar meteorite discovered by R. Ward on his first expedition in the Arabian peninsula in March of 2006.
Originally weighing 213 grams, this anorthositic impact melt breccia consists of mingled light to dark grey plagioclase rich clasts, and white lithic clasts. Minor amounts of gabbros, troctolites, and ophitic/subophitic basalts were also observed.

This specimen represents a major accomplishment for Ward as this was his first Lunar “cold” find, and was the 40th moon rock discovered on Earth.

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Location: Dhofar, Oman
18°53.44′N, 54°20.36′E
Classification: Lunar, Anorthositic Breccia
Witnessed: No
Found: March 2006
TKW: 213 gm

Links: Meteoritical Society
Washington University