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Only the 5th Mars meteorite witnessed to fall, Tissint fell on July 18, 2011 in Morocco. An invaluable asset for scientific research, this meteorite is currently helping to pave the way for future exploration in the search for organics on the red planet. Classified as a Shergottite, the meteorite contains isolated pockets of primitive Martian atmosphere, as well as traces of organic carbon.

This 454.6 gram stone is a major acquisition for the Ward collection. Individual pieces of witnessed fall Martian meteorites were not available to collectors before this event. This incredible specimen may represent the largest unbroken stone from the fall.

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Location: Tata, Morocco
29°28.917’N, 7°36.674’W
Classification: Martian, Shergottite
Witnessed: Yes
Fell: July 18, 2011
TKW: > 7,000 gm

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