Meteorite Hunting Expeditions

My work life is dedicated to traveling every corner of the planet to recover new meteorite specimens. Sometimes these expeditions are to new fall or find locations, and these projects can last for weeks or months at a time. But when something new falls — no matter where — I’m on the next plane out of Arizona! Many more expedition stories will soon be added to this page, and I hope you enjoy reading the adventures.

Aiquile, Bolivia

Expedition Journal New Bolivia Fall On November 20, 2016, a daylight fireball entered the atmosphere over the Andes Mountains near [...]

Creston , California

Expedition Journal Major Announcement! On October 23, 2015, at 0547 UTC, a large fireball lit up the rolling hills of [...]

Battle Mountain, Nevada

Expedition Journal Multi-state Witnessed Fall On August 22, 2012, at 11:17 PM, a large, slow-moving fireball was witnessed by residents [...]

Sutter’s Mill, California

Expedition Journal Brilliant Fireball Witnessed in California The morning of April 22, 2012 began as just another day for the [...]

Thika, Kenya

Expedition Journal Meteorites fall in Kenya Villages On July 16, 2011, residents around Kiambu County, in the Thika District of [...]

Ash Creek, Texas

Expedition Journal Daytime Fireball Witnessed in Texas On February 15, 2009, at 11:03 am, a large, daytime fireball was witnessed [...]

Berduc, Argentina

Expedition Journal Uruguay Rocked by Explosions On April 6, 2008, at 10:03 pm local time, a massive fireball appeared in [...]

Carancas, Peru

Expedition Journal Carancas Meteorite Slams into Earth On September 15, 2007, at 11:45 am, a massive fireball appeared in the [...]

La Mancha, Spain

Expedition Journal Puerto Lápice Meteorite Arrives On May 10, 2007, a large daylight fireball was witnessed over La Mancha, Spain. [...]

Red Canyon Lake, California

Expedition Journal Powerful Explosions in California Shortly after midnight, on August 11, 2007, a large fireball was witnessed throughout northern [...]

Cali, Columbia

Expedition Journal Cali Meteorite Arrives On July 6, 2007, a rock was orbiting the sun as it had done for [...]

  • The town of Moss overlooking the water

Moss, Norway

Expedition Journal Moss Meteorite Arrives A large fireball was witnessed by thousands of people in Norway on Friday, July 14th, [...]