I have always believed that a high priority should be placed on communicating how special meteorites are and how much they can tell us about the solar system we call home. Here you will find other resources and educational information that can answer many of your questions regarding meteoritics.

I have also provided a few answers to the most frequently asked questions I receive. If you do not find the answers you are looking for in the resources below, please feel free to contact me.

Frequently asked questions

If you are interested in learning about meteorites, please use the resources listed above to research your potential meteorite find. The links above contain more information regarding the identification, preservation and display of meteorites. If you still think you have found a potential meteorite, please feel free to contact me.
If you have questions about buying or trading meteorites, you can Contact me directly. You can also check my eBay auctions to find current listings of meteorites available for purchase.