Isheyevo Isheyevo is a unique metal-rich carbonaceous chondrite. The Isheyevo meteorite was classified as a Bencubbin-like meteorite. The Isheyevo meteorite weighing 16 kg, was discovered in October 2003 in Bashkortostan (Russia), close to the Isheyevo village. The stone was found by a tractor driver in a field during harvest carrying. A small piece of the [...]



Gujba The only witnessed fall Bencubbinite, Gujba fell on April 3, 1984 in Nigeria. The most stunning of this rare and primitive class of meteorite, Gujba is a favorite of Ward, making this 995.9 gram end cut indispensable to the Ward collection. This meteorite is classified as a Bencubbinite, CBa, a sub-group of the carbonaceous [...]