Clover Springs


Clover Springs A single mass was found ~20 km SW of Clover Springs. The meteorite is an unexceptional mesosiderite with silicates (mostly orthopyroxene and lesser plagioclase) accounting for most of the volume and mass (Fe-Ni metal <40 wt%). Pyroxene, plagioclase and lesser amounts of olivine are found both as individual clasts and matrix components. Kamacite, [...]



Estherville Several large masses, of weight of over 700 lb. (317.5kg), the two largest weighing about 437 lb. (198.1kg) and 151 lb. (68.5 kg) respectively, and hundreds of small fragments of nickel iron, fell, after detonations and the appearance of a brilliant fireball. 1 Photo Details Location: Emmet County, Iowa [...]